Lily short cache coeur fille coton bio 3(6)12 mois

Lily baby organic cotton cache-coeur short...

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Cute shorts and cache-coeur knitting pattern  in pure organic cotton. Knitted in St st,reverse st, 2/1 ribbing, this knitting pattern is suitable for intermediate knitter.  Do not hesitate to ask us for swatches Amount of balls for sizes: 3(6)12 months Bio cotone lilas 2372: 3(4)4 balls. All our patterns are sold as a kit and not separately    HOW TO...
Cecilia ensemble short bonnet mousse 3-6-12 mois

Cecilia ensemble short-bonnet garter stitch...

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These adorable striped shorts  makes an ideal gift for a baby girl. This baby knitting pattern is for beginners. see our knitting patterns : LOU - CAP LOU - FAVIOLA Do not hesitate to ask us for swatches All our patterns are sold as a kit and not separately. HOW TO CONFIGURE MY PRODUCT ?
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