Of course we think of ladies and to prove it here are some accessories for all knitting levels.
These bonnets are knitted on 3mm to 5mm size needles in pure wool or pure organic cotton in colour block or printed.  Their shape is very flattering covers the head nicely. They can be
used as a base for a turban in another colour, as in “Virginia” or “Isidora”…check out our videos.
A quick and easy present to knit for the holiday season!
TOMASO in Fern stitch, for experienced knitters. Using pure merinos wool and size 5mm/5.5mm needles to go with the long scarf.
LAURA in booble stitch, bobble stitch and purl stitch, using printed pure new wool and size 4.5mm needles.
VIRGINIA for the base and multicoloured turban, knitted in moss stitch using double yarn.
OTTAVIA a bonnet, in printed wool knitted in bobble stitch, garter stitch and st st.
Laura.jpg Virginia-3.jpg Ottavia-2-2.jpg 
Isidora-2.jpg Tomaso.jpg Tomaso-3.jpg