Caf’e Tricot Studio-Knitting wool and cotton knitting yarn-Knitting patterns.

Tricot Studio only works with italian manufacturers whose ethical beliefs are the same : respecting the environment, nurturing ancestral cotton producer from India, as well as supporting the rearing of animals for natural and organic fibres, as ALPAGA and MERINO The first major strength of Tricot Studio is in it’s diverse and high quality choice of colourful yarns. MERINO, MOHAIR, CASHMERE, SILK, PURE COTTONS, ORGANIC COTTONS. It’s second major strength is it’s exclusive KNITTING PATTERNS for all ages, and its KNITTING PATTERNS ACCESSORIES, which are designed by well known designers and sold in patterns. A large choice of patterns permits beginners as well as confirmed knitters, the opportunity to practice knitting. Thanks to the choice of high quality yarns, both soft and natural, Caf’e tricot studio has been able to addit the designs to suit people with sensitive skin: KNITTING PATTERNS FOR BABIES And last but not least, the third major strength of Caf’e tricot studio that has quickly made it a household name, is the free KNITTING VIDEOS. Easily understandable and clearly explained, there is no need for any translation, as the language of hands is international!

Our Story

As you know, Caf’e Tricot Studio has re-invented the art of knitting! The concept, the fruit of numerous voyages and 30 years of living in Italy has made the boutique in Paris a quite unique place. You know about the Italian yarns, so varied and different, the amazing choice of colours, the exclusive patterns, the knitting and crochet lessons for all levels of proficiency, the different cultures and languages, the conferences dealing in diverse subjects, the concerts… All this you know about already. But…

The concept must grow, and the boutique, becoming too small had to close down. We need to reach those who cannot join us. Now the website is your boutique. There’s an even bigger choice of yarns and colours, you can download our lessons, we will publish pictures of your finished creations and, just to top it off, we will be arranging encounters somewhere in Paris, the address of which, for the moment, must remain a deeply guarded secret !

Caf’e Tricot Studio is, of course, keeping the same philosophy as before… Interaction by creativity and diversity!

Caf’e Tricot Studio is a wool sales shop located in the 11th arrondissement in Paris (now closed). The shop owner was often contacted for training or entertainment assignments in hospitals and in other centres for disadvantaged people.

This is how ‘Caf’e tricot studio’ created the Association “Le Fil et la Main,” (The thread and the hand) a non-profit association which actively contributes to heal, and to support the recovery, as well as to promote the remission of cancer. To help hospitalised children, to relieve the pain of men and women in precarious situations, and to promote the rehabilitation of severely disabled people. It also aims at launching a line of accessories created with softness and colour therapy in mind for chemotherapy treatments.

The Association’s main mission is to work towards the dignity, the healing, the rehabilitation and the welfare of disadvantaged people.

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